Numerous viewers have expressed dissatisfaction at the inability to see the upload date in some videos when the YouTube date is occasionally missing.

Why does YouTube not show the upload date? Because we only noticed this issue in a few films, we at first assumed it was a YouTube bug.

The issue of YouTube dates not showing or missing video upload dates, however, is one that an increasing number of individuals constantly lament on various online and social media platforms.

Do you think that YouTube is changing the upload dates of videos? Why, therefore, would YouTube delete the dates if that’s the case?

From the perspective of many users, we gathered some solutions to this issue in this context and put them all to the test.

We want to share a few efficient solutions if you’ve been experiencing problems with missing dates in YouTube videos. We feel these are the best methods for spotting concealed YouTube video uploads.

YouTube often does not remove dates from specific videos, so we should be aware of this before discussing alternatives for missing upload dates in YouTube videos.

Change the zoom level on the YouTube video

This approach has been tried out by many people, who all thought it was fantastic.

For this simple method to display the date the video was published to YouTube, you must adjust the zoom level of the current YouTube page in the browser.

The majority of people expanded their web browsers to achieve the desired result.

We guarantee that zooming out or expanding your browser window will fix the problem with your YouTube upload date not appearing immediately.

Follow the instructions below to test out this solution.

  1. Start watching the desired YouTube video in your browser.
  2. Verify the upload date of the video.
  3. If not, try adjusting the pages zoom to the left or right depending on where you are on the screen. (To change the screen zoom, scroll up or down while holding down the Ctrl key on your computer or use the – or + keys while doing so.)
  4. Refresh the page after that to ensure the uploaded video’s date is visible.

Utilize a Chrome Extension

You can use this strategy if you haven’t seen results with the first method, even though it is more accessible and yields favorable results.

For this strategy, we are going to use the well-known Chrome addon YouTube Upload Time. If you can’t see the date and time of a YouTube video, you may also see them with the help of this Chrome extension.

This plugin uses the Google API to show a YouTube video’s upload date and time.

If you have never installed a Chrome extension before, you may quickly do so by following the instructions below.

  1. You can search for the Google Chrome online store and seek for the YouTube Upload Time extension on the left pan.
  2. Once you do so, it will immediately be installed when you click the Add to Chrome button.
  3. Next, access the YouTube video you wish to watch and utilize the installed plugin to determine when it was uploaded. By selecting the extension button next to the browser’s search bar on the right, users can access the extension.
  4. This plugin lets you switch time zones to view the time and date the chosen video was posted.